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By March 7, 2013 Tommy's Blog
Tom Tom

Well I’m supposed to find time in my busy day of lounging and supervising to write this blog so I guess I’ll get started. I became the clinic cat after someone found me with about a week old gunshot wound in my leg. I was such a good guy for all the good treatments on my leg that they decided to keep me. Of course, now that I’m here to stay I’m not always so easy going.  I like to compare myself to Garfield, especially with my attitude, and I will not hesitate to bite someone when I get tired of being messed with. And of course the staff loves to tease me when they see I am in a bad mood. I see lots of very interesting things here and will tell you all about them in my blogs. Well, I know you will all be on pins and needles waiting to hear about my daily life. So, I will write another blog later, right now I need to steal Marti’s warm seat since she just got up. Peacin’ out.

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