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August 2015

Tips for Stress Free Visits to Our Clinic

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Tips for Stress Free Visits to Our Clinic

Visits to the vet’s office can be stressful for you and your pet, but there are things you can do to reduce their stress level.  In turn, this will also reduce your stress level.  Reducing the stress level of your pet allows our team to provide a timely and comprehensive examination.  Your pet’s mental health is important to us.   Below are some tips that will reduce your pets stress level:

  • Get your pet used to rides.  Take them for rides for no other reason than a fun ride
  • Let your pet know a leash or carrier is not just about going to the vet.  Let them get used to the carrier and see it as safe place to play.  Leave it out with the door open.  You can feed and play with your cat while it is in the carrier.
  • Bring your pet to the clinic for a non-medical related visit.  (Call ahead and we will let you know  a good time to visit)
  • Bring hungry pets to the clinic.  We have healthy treats we can give them to help reduce their stress levels, and reward good behavior
  • We have soothing pheromones that can be used to reduce stress levels.  Ask one of our staff members how to use them and how they work
  • While at the clinic it is important for you to remain calm.  Talk to your pet in a low soothing voice.

For Cat Owners

There are more cat owners than there are dog owners, but cats make fewer visits to the vet.  Cats need regular visits to the vet just like dogs.  While bringing your cat to the clinic presents a unique challenge, visits can be made with less stress for you and your cat.  Along with the items mentioned above here are some more tips:


  • Leave your carrier out and put food and treats in it for your cat. You can feed and play with your cat while it is in the carrier
  • Make sure your cats (and all small animals) are transported in a carrier, for their safety and yours.  Secure the carrier and cover with a blanket or quilt
  • Consider spraying a pheromone on the bedding in their carrier or on the towel covering the carriers.  Ask us about the benefits of pheromones and the proper way to use them.
  • Avoid setting the carrier on the floor while at the clinic if at all possible
  • Always allow one of our trained team members to handle your cat.

We have a limited number of carriers if you need to borrow one.  We also do home visits if bringing your cat to us is just too stressful.  Please talk to us about your pets stress levels and we can put a plan in place to address their needs.

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