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Microchipping Your Pet

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Now through the end of March we will be promoting microchipping and we will waive the $17.99 registration fee to HomeAgain to get your pet’s information into the national database.

Each year 1 in 3 pets go missing. Microchipping is the best way to ensure you will be reunited with your pet if they become lost or stolen. HomeAgain registration also includes:

1. You and your pet’s information is included in the HomeAgain National Pet Recovery Database.
2. If you report your pet lost or missing HomeAgain will send out instant lost pet alerts to PetRescuers in your area
3. HomeAgain offers 24 hour support by trained counselors.
4. HomeAgain will enable you to easily create a lost pet post with your pet’s picture.
5. If you lost dog or cat is found more than 500 miles from home, HomeAgain will cover up to $500 to have your pet flown home
6. HomeAgain also offers a 24/7 Emergency Medical Hotline Care program where you can access ASPCA veterinarians at the Animal Poison Control Center

My missing bud Forrest

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Ok – buddy might be an overstatement. i don’t really have any buddies. I’m the King around here.

BUT, Forrest did hang out on my bench.

Forrest is a friendly black cat who would sometimes frequent the area around our clinic. When we were notified that he was missing we become concerned that he might have “hiched a ride” from our parking lot in someone’s car. If you have seen him let us know.

If he happened to ride home with you, you do not need to relinquish him. His caretaker just wants to know that he is safe! (You know, not roaming the streets hungry and all. I can’t imagine being hungry.)

Thanks for helping – I’ve gotta look after my friends.


Tom Tom

Pat's Frenchie ready to spread Easter cheer at the nursing home.

Easter Bunny?

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Hello to all my Blog Fans! I noticed the cat boarding room is filling up. While I’d like to think everyone just wanted to hang out with me, it sounds like we are getting close to that holiday you guys call Easter. I know this because Pat is showing pictures of her dogs dressed as the Easter Bunny. (I hope she doesn’t ever get any ideas about dressing me!) Speaking of Easter Bunnies, check out this article from the Galax Gazette about Bunny Haven Rabbit Rescue. Kim Wilson brings her bunnies here to the clinic and Smokey was here a lot! I force myself to stay on my chair when they are here (not that hard, really). Those poor bunnies have been through enough without thinking I’m going to eat them. Happy Easter and remind all my cat friends to stay out of the Easter basket grass. – Rex

Smokey, the bunny who started it all, came into Wilson's care with chronic upper respiratory infections, which later developed into pneumonia. He also had multiple surgeries later on to remove a tumor from his body.

Smokey, the bunny who started it all, came into Wilson's care with chronic upper respiratory infections, which later developed into pneumonia. He also had multiple surgeries later on to remove a tumor from his body.

It’s an Avalanche

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For about a month now we have had another cat stealing all my attention. Avalanche (Real creative for a white cat, huh? Almost as creative as my name … Humans.) has been hanging around here after she came down with something they call Toxoplasmosis. I did feel a little bad for her since she was really hungry and couldn’t make her mouth work. She couldn’t walk or see very well. Lydia, Katie, Peggy and the rest of the crew all took turns feeding her every few hours and giving her medicine. I guess now that I think about it, maybe I shouldn’t be so hard on her, since I can’t imagine being hungry and not being able to eat! I get upset when my dinner is 30 minutes late. Anyway she is feeling better now-everyone cheered when she finally was able to lick some food up. Now they are letting her exercise her legs by turning her loose in MY clinic. It’s mean, but at least she is still easy to run away from. That’s the news around here. Speaking of food, I think I’ll check out the break room … Peace out.

Tom Tom

Tommy’s New Blog

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Well I’m supposed to find time in my busy day of lounging and supervising to write this blog so I guess I’ll get started. I became the clinic cat after someone found me with about a week old gunshot wound in my leg. I was such a good guy for all the good treatments on my leg that they decided to keep me. Of course, now that I’m here to stay I’m not always so easy going.  I like to compare myself to Garfield, especially with my attitude, and I will not hesitate to bite someone when I get tired of being messed with. And of course the staff loves to tease me when they see I am in a bad mood. I see lots of very interesting things here and will tell you all about them in my blogs. Well, I know you will all be on pins and needles waiting to hear about my daily life. So, I will write another blog later, right now I need to steal Marti’s warm seat since she just got up. Peacin’ out.

Rex’s New Blog

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My name’s Rex, and I am the resident cat at GVC. My unique name came from the place where I was found, theRexTheaterin down town Galax. My rough start in life caused me to have some problems with my back legs, and after working my way into the staff’s hearts, the folks at GVC decided to let me stay. Most of the time you will see me asleep on the couch or on the receptionists’ chairs. I love everyone here, especially Karen and Sandy (mainly because they feed me). I am pretty friendly, especially compared to Thomas from AMS (at least that’s what I hear).  I like to watch all the crazy things that go on here, and I will tell you about them in my blogs. Check back if you want to hear about them! See ya later!

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