February is the time for Blue Ridge Vet to raise awareness of the hidden killer that can be lurking in your pet’s mouth. Periodontal disease can cause constant pain and shorten your pet’s lifespan. To show our commitment to your pet’s dental health, in February we offer discounted dental cleanings and discounts on home care products to keep your pet’s teeth clean.

What happens when you schedule a dental cleaning?

We will have you bring your pet to the office the morning of the procedure. Please do not feed your pet anything after midnight. We will discuss the procedure with you and recommend some testing to make the sedation procedure safer such as lab tests to check kidney and liver function. An intravenous catheter may be placed and fluids administered, depending on your preference and your pet’s age. Your pet will be placed under a light level of sedation and a breathing tube inserted to prevent fluid from getting down in the lungs. We will assess each tooth to determine if there is any disease or infection below the gumline. The teeth will then be cleaned with an ultrasonic scaler, polished and Oravet sealant applied. Antibiotics and pain relief injections are given if needed. If severe disease is present, some teeth may need to be extracted/removed. This is only done if the tooth is not able to be treated and saved. (see Tooth infections)

Home care to keep your pet’s teeth clean.

Home care supplies we recommend

  • Virbac toothpaste and brushes
  • CET Oral Care Gel
  • Maxiguard solution
  • CET water additive
  • CHX Chews
  • Greenies chews