Your pet is a member of your family and we want to keep you together as long as possible!  By spotting age-related problems such as dental disease, heart disease, obesity or arthritis early, we can often prevent catastrophic illness. These and other problems, caught at the beginning stages may be prevented from progressing by simple nutritional management or medication.


We recommend semi-annual examinations and a yearly geriatric preventative physical including:


  • Geriatric Screen Blood Testing

    Chemistry Panel
    This allows us to check the health of your pet’s internal organs-kidneys, liver, pancreas, etc and checks blood sugar, electrolytes, protein levels.
    Complete Blood Count
    Blood counts tell us if your pet is anemic, suffering from infection or inflammation or can indicate cancers, allergies or parasites.
    Thyroid Level
    Over or under active thyroid gland can cause a dramatic change in your pet’s health
  • Urinalysis

    Can indicate infection, bladder/kidney stones, bladder cancer and early diagnosis of diabetes and kidney disease
  • Dental Health Exam

    Studies have shown that good oral care can add 2-5 years to your pet’s lifespan, Dental care for horses helps them utilize feed better, reducing feed costs.
  • Orthopedic exam for arthritis pain

  • Body Condition Scoring

    This allows us to see early trends of weight gain or loss.
  • Cancer Screening

  • Hearing Screening

  • Vision/Glaucoma Screening

    Screening for cateracts, glaucoma, intraocular tumors and, in horses, scarring from low grade uveitis/”moon blindness”
  • Heart Health Screening

    We will assess your pet’s heart during the examination. We also offer Cardiac enzyme testing, blood pressure measurement and in-hospital ECG (included in complete screen) which can provide an early indication of heart disease – especially important for cats and at risk canine breeds (boxers, pit bulls, dachshunds, dobermans=see link at the OFFA website)

Senior Screening Packages:

 Complete Senior Wellness – $279 ($70 savings)

Includes all of the above (complete examination, blood testing, urinalysis, testing for intestinal and heartworm parasites, felines – Feline Leukemia and AIDS testing, ECG, Blood pressure, Tonometry, etc.) as well as gives you the opportunity to get a 10% discount off necessary x-rays, dental cleaning, mass removal or heart disease work-up. This also includes a wellness checkup in 6 months.

Basic Senior Wellness – $168 ($68 savings)

For pets just getting started on Senior Wellness Testing we offer an abbreviated visit including complete physical exam (dental, orthopedic, heart, skin, hearing, and vision health, blood testing (CBC, chemistries, thyroid screening) and urinalysis.

Equine Senior Wellness – $200 plus farm call fee ($60 savings) 

  • For our equine patients we can come to your farm and give your older horse a complete physical exam (dental, orthopedic, heart, skin, hearing, and vision health), complete blood testing (CBC, chemistries, thyroid screening), fecal/intestinal parasite screening and a nutritional consultation.  We also offer a 10% discount off dental floats if needed.