Sandra Hash is a licensed rehabilitator for small mammals with Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries.
She gives the following advice on wildlife:
Often, particularly in spring, people pick up animals they think are orphaned. Most wild animals will not abandon their young, but they will leave them alone for long periods of time while looking for food.  More than 75% of “rescues” should have been left alone.
Some guidelines if you do find wildlife that you believe is injured or orphaned:
  • If the animal is wounded, with some gloves, put it in a well ventilated box, keep in a dark, quiet and warm place.  
  • Never attempt to capture an adult animal. Even if injured, they are frightened and can bite.
  • Do not feed it.  
  • Call a rehabilitation facility or individual rehabilitator. See the list below.
  • Always use caution with any animal as rabies is a serious concern.
For additional information on a specific species visit the Virginia Wildlife Center’s information pages: Click here
Sandy can be reached through our Galax Veterinary Clinic office: (276) 236-4212