Are natural remedies for flea/tick/heartworm prevention safe to use on my pet?

Although natural remedies may offer some protection or repellency against parasites, they are not nearly as effective as prescription products. In addition, natural remedies often need to be applied far more frequently than once a month, making them less convenient as well. Some, such as garlic, may actually be harmful to your pet.

Just because a product has “natural” on its label doesn’t mean it’s safe. Consult with us before using any over-the-counter preventives on your pet.

One all natural product we do recommend for you house is “Flea Busters”. This silica based powder cuts the carapace or outer shell of the flea, so that they dehydrate and die. Since large numbers of fleas are in the environment as well as on your pet, this product can help to break the flea life cycle.


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