Luke benefits from Laser Treatment

Luke is 15 ½ years old and began having great difficulty getting up and down. He is a 45 pound Border Collie mix. He had pain in his back legs, especially his left rear leg when he was trying to lie down. He was on prescription medication daily. We decided to try laser therapy for his discomfort and inability to move well.

After the first treatment there was very little noticeable difference. After the second treatment he was obviously moving better. By the 5th treatment he was moving much better, getting up and down was much easier for him and he no longer needed daily pain medication. It has been five days since his last treatment and he has not shown any signs of pain and has not had any pain medication.

We definitely recommend this treatment for mobility issues and pain. Even in an elderly dog it works wonders. We feel so lucky to have our old boy and to see him moving around like a much younger dog. We are so grateful for the doctors at Animal Medical Services and their tender, loving care for Luke.

Alex & Jill Fowler, “Parents” of Luke


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