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It’s an Avalanche

By March 25, 2013 Tommy's Blog

For about a month now we have had another cat stealing all my attention. Avalanche (Real creative for a white cat, huh? Almost as creative as my name … Humans.) has been hanging around here after she came down with something they call Toxoplasmosis. I did feel a little bad for her since she was really hungry and couldn’t make her mouth work. She couldn’t walk or see very well. Lydia, Katie, Peggy and the rest of the crew all took turns feeding her every few hours and giving her medicine. I guess now that I think about it, maybe I shouldn’t be so hard on her, since I can’t imagine being hungry and not being able to eat! I get upset when my dinner is 30 minutes late. Anyway she is feeling better now-everyone cheered when she finally was able to lick some food up. Now they are letting her exercise her legs by turning her loose in MY clinic. It’s mean, but at least she is still easy to run away from. That’s the news around here. Speaking of food, I think I’ll check out the break room … Peace out.

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